Newmarket Siding Experts

You can protect your property from constant exposure to the elements and save on the rising cost of energy with top-quality siding installation

Experience is key when it comes to your house siding repair or replacement. While many other siding contractors only offer installation services, Newmarket Roofing goes above and beyond to address the unsightly buckling and cracking that can affect your home’s aesthetics. If the damage can’t be mended with siding repair, we’ll actually remove the defective section of siding and replace it with a matching piece, leaving your whole house looking good as new. Newmarket Roofing offers professional-strength aluminum siding for residential installation. Our sturdy, quality siding products are built to withstand the strongest of storms and harsh weather conditions.

Siding Options

For beauty and design, create your own distinctive and custom style to reflect your personality with a wide selection of trims, architectural details and designer colours. You can also add decorative features such as ornamental mouldings, corner posts and frieze boards.

We work with a variety of well known manufacturers and suppliers, from start to finish, we will help you select the best siding materials for you and provide the experienced installation services your home deserves.